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Mar 23, 2012: Ficaria verna

Ficaria verna

ganglionn@Flickr (aka Adem) from Turkey contributes another photograph to Botany Photo of the Day today (via the BPotD Flickr Pool): Ficaria verna (Ranunculus ficaria is a synonym). Thank you!

Ficaria verna is known commonly in English as fig buttercup or lesser celandine. It is native to much of Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. In North America, where it was introduced as an ornamental plant, it has become an invasive of floodplain forests and some upland sites on the east and west sides of the continent. It is one of the earliest plants to sprout, bloom and seed in the spring (verna means "spring"). The species also vegetatively propagates through bulblets and tubers, permitting it to form dense mats. When mass carpets are formed, it suppresses other (typically native) plants, presumably through shading and / or nutrient uptake.


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