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Jan 24, 2014: Nemophila maculata

These photographs are from last year's April trip to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, where vehicle troubles led to an unintentionally-long stay in the area. Still, outings were made to see some areas of special botanical interest, including the Red Hills Area of Critical Environmental Concern. Day-hiking was out due to time restraints, so roadside botanizing was the order of the day. These five-spots were found northeast of the formally-protected area, in a grassy open site between the road and a fenced pasture.

The annual Nemophila maculata is relatively common in cultivation in North America and parts of Europe, often found in wildflower seed mixes. It was grown here at UBC last year in plantings surrounding the Food Garden, to give a bit of whimsy and ornament (and, idly hypothesized by us, to attract pollinators to the area to improve fruit set on nearby food plants).

The species is endemic to California, so many additional photographs are available via CalPhotos: Nemophila maculata.

Jan 24, 2012: Shell Creek Road

Shell Creek Road

Here is another photograph from a favourite area of mine in California, taken on April 5, 2010 (the same day as this photograph). Instead of identifying the plants when photographing these areas, I tend to just spend my limited time behind the camera. Fortunately, others who have the opportunity to spend more time with the plants have added some documentation, so I think it is relatively reasonable to use resources like Nature Alley to assign some names.

The small yellow flower that dominates the image is certainly a Lasthenia, or goldfields, but I would feel very uncertain assigning it to species. The purple inflorescences belong to a Castilleja, probably Castilleja densiflora. Resources for the area suggest that the remaining white and yellow coloured blossom is almost certainly the broadly-distributed Layia platyglossa.


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