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Agave tequilana

Agave tequilana

Today's photographs, from a couple different sites in Mexico, are courtesy of retired UBC Botanical Garden staff member, David Tarrant. I sent a request to David for images of Agave tequilana for the "Botany and Spirits" series, and he was glad to share. Thanks again, mi amigo--I wish I could have made a longer entry today from your photographs, but have run out of time today.

Unsurprisingly (given the scientific name), these blue agave (or agave azul) plants are being grown for the production of tequila. This gives us a presumptive clue as to the location of the photographs, as only plants harvested from the Mexican states of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas can be used to generate the spirit marketed under that moniker. Tequila is a specific type of mezcal, and if I have misidentified these plants or identified them correctly but the plants are being grown elsewhere, then they are being used for the production of a different mezcal instead.


Tequila agave are members of the asparagus family? Hmm. Two things you may need to be an adult to develop a taste for.

I always learn something interesting from your pics of the day. Thanks so much and may you have the best of all good things in the coming year. Thanks for making this such a wonderful place to visit.

Wonderful and accurate explanation of the Tequila story. . .I am imbibing the liqueur as I write. It is nectar. Happy Christmas!

I look forward to opening my day with opening the Botany of the Day photos and stories. They are a wonderful, beautiful way to spread message about what the world of botany means to us on so many levels. Thanks for taking the time to organize and produce this. It's terrific!

Daniel. I would just like to add a comment along with those from all your other global community of 'Botany Photo of the Day' viewers.
Thank you for your diligence in bringing us these images and insights into the world of plants.Long may you and your team keep up this important and necessary work.
And just as an aside. Again to all who view this sight. Do come to Mexico to see the amazing diversity of plant life this country has to offer.

Thank you to you, your staff, UBC students and contributors. Botany Photo of the Day is such a delightful event in my busy workday. I hope to be able to visit the UBC gardens one day.

Happy Holidays

Tequila, on the evening before Thanksgiving, is the reason why I am about ready to propose to my future wife. What happened to me?

For this series you ought to give us a potato as a Swedish Christmas smorgasbord is unthinkable with a flavored snaps to accompany at least the herring dishes. Happy Christmas to you all

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Thank you for a year of wonderful photos and the education that comes with the commentary. And thank you to the readership for having such consistently PLEASANT, UPBEAT, LITERATE and EDUCATIONAL comments.

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