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Cirsium remotifolium var. odontolepis

Cirsium remotifolium var. odontolepis

Katherine is the author of today's entry:

Today's photo of Cirsium remotifolium var. odontolepis is courtesy of Brent Miller (foliosus@Flickr). Cirsium remotifolium and its varieties have several common names including: few-leaf thistle, fringed-scale thistle, weak thistle and remote-leaved thistle.

Cirsium remotifolium is a perennial herb which grows to 150cm high, with corollas ranging from18 to 28 mm. According to the Flora of North America, Cirsium remotifolium var. odontolepis typically has cream-coloured corollas. However, throughout the Cascade Range of Oregon, plants tend to have purple corollas and are therefore sometimes considered as a subspecies, oregonense.

Cirsium remotifolium is distributed through northwestern California, western Oregon, and southwestern Washington. Although geographically separated, Cirsium remotifolium is a close relative to Cirsium clavatum of the Rocky Mountains. The Encyclopedia of Life description of Cirsium remotifolium provides a discussion of its relation to other taxa and clarification for its classification.

Additional photographs are available from the Oregon Flora Project: Cirsium remotifolium var. odontolepis.


...i so love the thistle..the bounty hills of heather and thistles...

Yeah, thistles are just great unless you have them in your pasture. I made the mistake of letting them go one year - so the birds could eat the seeds. Big Mistake. Thistles everywhere. The cows won't graze near them, so each thistle takes up more than it's share of space and grassy area. Not an optimal situation, especially in a drought year.

...funny..i read this yesterday and today i was doing research on French and Swiss cheese using rennet..but here is a list of non-animal rennet....dried caper leaves[2], nettles, thistles, mallow, and Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie).

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