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Old UBC Botanical Garden

Old UBC Botanical Garden

This image is a scan from the garden's John Davidson lantern slide collection. UBC Botanical Garden has been continuously operating as a university botanical garden since 1916, but it has not always been in the same location. When the Point Grey campus was originally constructed, the garden occupied the heart of the campus. This image from that era gives an idea of what it looked like; formal evolutionary beds for teaching purposes formed the core of the garden, with an arboretum of mostly native plants ringing the edges. Much (95%?) of these original plantings have since been destroyed.

There is one object that connects the first iteration of the botanical garden with the present third version. The plinth in this image now stands at the centre of the modern Physic Garden, though the sundial on it has since been replaced.


Does the sun dial keep good time?

I think the old-fashioned formal gardens were great, in their day. Now the gardens are so different, but they too are great.

Isn't it sad that all that former beauty has had to be replaced with buildings? I hate when they cut down beautiful trees to build houses and so someone can have a view. What's wrong with looking at trees?

Nice change of pace, Daniel. However, I'm reminded of a wise ol' friends point of view. "It's okay to look back, just don't stare."
Best to all for a full and safe holiday.


Of course, in reading the old post of the new garden, you have me wondering what the joke is...?

Ah, Andrea, that's a tricky one. No one has ever replied, I'm not sure if I should give away the joke...

I think I recall the joke, Daniel, but you should be the one to reveal it. Visitors will still want to see the sundial and the physic garden for themselves.

Alright, I'll 'fess.

The sundial displays the UBC crest and motto on it. UBC's motto is “Tuum est”. A close look at the sundial, though, reveals something with a bit of humour injected into it: “Time ex”

can you hear the groans daniel

the old garden is lovely

good night daniel

Heh. It took me a minute, then I chuckled.

Was this slide, hand coloured?

Yes, this is hand-tinted, like many of Davidson's slides. There was no TV back then...

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