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Sternbergia lutea

Sternbergia lutea
Sternbergia lutea

Thank you again to yildizkonca@Flickr of Turkey for sharing with Botany Photo of the Day (original 1 | original 2 | additional image | BPotD Flickr Group Pool). It's always pleasing to see photographs of a species of Turkey's famed bulb flora!

Commonly known as winter daffodil, lily of the field, yellow / golden autumn crocus, or sternbergia, these common names are suggestive of the fact that this species is an autumn-blooming bulbous plant related to daffodils (narcissus). Sternbergia lutea is listed by GRIN as having an obscure native range, due to its cultivation as an ornamental throughout the Mediterranean region. It has escaped cultivation and become naturalized elsewhere in the world as well, including southern Australia.

Paghat has written about Sternbergia lutea in her garden, while North Carolina State University provides a factsheet on the species. For an overview of the genus, the Pacific Bulb Society Wiki features photographs and descriptions of seven species of Sternbergia, including the rare, white-flowered Sternbergia candida.

For local readers of BPotD, this species can be seen in UBC Botanical Garden, though I don't recall noticing it last week when walking near where it is planted in the Winter Garden. Its floral display may be over for the year.


What a beauty!! Thanx for sharing!

Sternbergia lutea - Z7 - RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths
Sternbergia lutea - Z7-9 - A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Brickell, Cole, Zuk
Sternbergia lutea - In Z8 it may need some protection from winter winds or below-freezing weather, since it can be frost damaged anywhere below 28 degrees F - Paghat
Sternbergia stern -berg-ee-a After Count Kaspar von Sternberg [1761-1838], Austrian botanist Lutea loo-tee-a Yellow - Dictionary of Plant Names, Coombes

Thank you, Daniel. What a perfect antidote to the official start of Winter (now that daylight savings time has ended). The clarity in both photos is great!

The bright yellow is wonderful for a fall plant.
These are great Photographs. I do like the links to go to to get more information.
Thank you,

Amaryllis occurs in an opera aria I believe and poems have been written about daffodils and odes penned to narcissus but who the hell would write a poem an ode or an aria to a sternbergia.
Which begs the question if there are choices for a beautiful flower s or plant s names shouldnt the most poetic euphonious be chosen not the ugliest tonguetwister.
Or even autumn crocus. That might still be swallowed.
A rose by any other name would NOT smell as sweet quoth Juliet but she is bemoaning Romeos surname not analysing flower s names.
So this beautiful flower might be a daffodil or an amaryllis or a narcissus possibly even autumn crocus but sternbergia? Never.

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