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Gloriosa superba

Gloriosa superba

Botany Photo of the Day will have brief written entries on weekends, holidays and my vacations from April through September. – Daniel

Another thank you to Dinesh (aka dinesh_valke@Flickr) for sharing images from India with us (original via BPotD Flickr Group Pool). Appreciated once again!

Flame-lily or climbing-lily is native to tropical areas of the Old World (particularly Africa and south Asia), but has since been widely cultivated and naturalized. Read more about Gloriosa superba via the South African National Biodiversity Institute's Plantzafrica or Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk.


good morning
flame lily is just grand
to view i have my full screen on its
just lovely thank you to dinesh
i fully enjoy the inventive names
given to plants and to be able
find all the other colors they
come in local garden centers only
carry so much and i do enjoy visting
around the world india tis a wonderment



Thank you Dinesh for sharing and another thank you Daniel for posting this photo of a beautiful flower I probably never would have seen in my lifetime. This will be yet another photo for my picture file.

Thank you very much, Daniel.
A matter of great pride.

Thank you all: Earl, Charlotte, Elizabeth for your kind words.

Glorious! Just Glorious!

Wow, its like a burst of sunshine with rays or beams of light, and a flame to puzzle us with its entrancing palate of color. thank you , dinesh.

Just last week in traffic I photographed this flower on a fence in my home town of Sangre Grande, Trinidad, West Indies. It's called 'Scorpion flower' here. Will post my photo to you.

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