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Lewisia rediviva

Lewisia rediviva

I neglected to mention in yesterday's entry that if you plan to visit the Painted Hills (and particularly if you'd like to photograph them), I recommend picking a day where the area experiences rainfall in the morning followed by broken cloudy skies with patches of blue sky in the afternoon. The net effect is a combination of saturated colours from the precipitation and changing strength of light and shadows as the clouds move across the sky, offering a mix of dramatic and subtle scenes. Those sorts of days also happen to be good for photographing wildflowers, assuming the rainfall is intermittent or light.

This photograph was taken on such a day, with the saturation evident in the reddish stones and black basalt-rich soil (those with keen eyes will note that the orange patches, sometimes covering entire stones, are due to a crustose lichen – the stone along the bottom edge provides an in-focus example). Water droplets on the partially-opened flowers of the bitter-root affirm the earlier rain.

Lewisia rediviva has previously been featured on BPotD in two entries (here and here), though neither show a close-up of the flower. On a sunny day, the blossom will fully expand and become more noticeable from a distance, much like what is seen in the previous BPotD entries.

To read more about bitter-root, I advise starting with this summary from the North American Rock Garden Society and following that quick read with the excellent article on the Discovering Lewis & Clark site: Lewisia rediviva.


Lewisia rediviva - Z4-7 - A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, Brickell, Cole, Zuk

Daniel, is it possible to have wallpaper for my computer from one of your pictures that's for sale through the UBC site? I want to try it out on my computer before I buy. I'm so glad you put the abstract blue/orange conifer (name escapes me at the moment) in the art pictures. I have many favourites, but it's one of the best. Also when I tried the Cafe site at the top of this page I couldn't get through to the art pictures for purchase. What's the deal?

Thanks Daniel!!! We had hundreds of bitterroot flowers growing in our yard at our previous house here in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana. We looked forward to seeing them every June. A beautiful little flower. Nice to know they are growing in other locations!!

Hi Colleen - I was wondering if there'd be confusion created by offering a number of different online stores, each with a particular specialty. Apparently so. Anyway, prints should be purchased from the smugmug site.

Unfortunately, there is no "try before you buy" feature via smugmug - it isn't really possible, in any case, unless I were to create a watermarked version on my own and sent that along.

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