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Hydatella australis

Stained Glass Art

For the first time, Botany Photo of the Day is going to be published twice in one day. The species in this stained glass art by Dr. Ruth Stockey of the University of Alberta will be revealed at 11 AM Vancouver time, along with an accompanying second BPotD entry.

Updated at 11:00 AM Vancouver local time: This stained glass piece by Dr. Stockey artfully illustrates a staminate inflorescence of Hydatella australis in the Hydatellaceae. It is adapted from an illustration of Hydatella australis by Engler, via www.plantsystematics.org. The Hydatellaceae was recently discovered to be near the root of the evolutionary tree of flowering plants by a UBC BGCPR-led research team. Previously, it was thought to be closely related to grasses. Textbooks will need to be rewritten! The paper detailing the discovery is published in the March 15, 2007 issue of Nature. See the subsequent BPotD entry for more details.


How gorgeous!

A stylized grass floret. That's my guess.

Oryza sativa, rice?

Interesting that both of you would suggest grasses, as you'll soon see.

My first thought was Typha latifolia- maybe it is just wishfull thinking from a guy who grew up in the beautiful swamps of Michigan!

Wow, what great news to know that we will get two entries of BPoD. You are amazing Daniel!! Can't wait to see what you have in mind for future ...

So, as it turns out, those who guessed grasses would have been very close to what conventional understanding was for these plants for decades!

I am awaiting Beverely's hardiness rating {LOL} !
I expect less than 1 !

Seriously -- really attractive. Very nice work and a good photo

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