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Narcissus pseudonarcissus subsp. munozii-garmendiae

Narcissus pseudonarcissus subsp. munozii-garmendiae

At the risk of being repetitive, here's another yellow-flowered springtime bulb currently in bloom in the garden. This particular subspecies of the wild daffodil doesn't have a common name, though I suppose Muñoz Garmendia's daffodil would be acceptable. It is named after Muñoz Garmendia, who seems to have been / is a Spanish botanist or horticulturist, and a participating author in the 1980 “Plantas silvestres de la península Ibérica” and the “Flora Iberica”.

The American Daffodil Society is an excellent resource for learning more about Narcissus; the site includes a tidy list of frequently asked questions.

Interested in bulbs and similar plants? The Scottish Rock Garden Club has a Bulb Log that is now in its fifth year – plenty to keep bulb-plant enthusiasts entertained!

Botany / horticulture resource link: Both Barrie (aka LPN on the UBC Botanical Garden Forums) and Barb (kia796 of same) sent the following link to me. Adventures in Mexico Part III is part of a travelogue series by Paul Spracklin featuring – you guessed it – the plants, landscapes and botanical gardens of Mexico. I very much enjoyed reading the journal and viewing Paul's photos, but if you only have time to visit one page, I recommend the Edward James Garden in Las Pozas. Who was Edward James? In Paul's words, an “eccentric (mad?) English surrealist artist”. Chalk up another place I'd like to visit...


I believe his name is Felix Muñoz Garmendia.

Thanks David. That would explain the ineptitude of my online searches for more information.

Considering his recent involvement (1998) in the Flora Iberica and numerous papers, I have to admit to being embarrassed that I was so ignorant.

Paul's supplied me with the links to Adventures in Mexico I and Adventures in Mexico II. Enjoy!

Once again; not only a good photo but compliments on the link(s). The "bulb log" is not a very interesting name nor face page, but click on a date and you will get knock-out photos! Thanks again, Daniel!

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