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Enkianthus campanulatus

Enkianthus campanulatus

Thanks to an early (and heavy) snowfall in Vancouver, snow-laden trees broke powerlines supplying the UBC campus somewhere around 3 AM local time on November 27. No power, no functioning web server! When power was restored yesterday at 5 PM, the server also didn't restart automatically as it should due to a failure of an external component. It had to wait to be restarted manually, so that's why the web site came back online today at 8 AM. C'est la vie!

Today's duotone image was taken in the Asian Garden on the day before the snow started falling, last Friday. Redvein enkianthus was previously featured on Botany Photo of the Day (May 13, 2005), so do visit that entry if you'd like to see the flowers of the plant.

If you're considering growing the plant, reading the information on the Kemper Center for Home Gardening would be helpful. For an even more detailed horticultural examination of the plant, Washington State University's Extension Service has a Plant of the Month entry for Enkianthus campanulatus.


This looks like the back of a right hand, arising from the earth, with dramatically elongated digits. Tendons, joints, etc. Cool picture, cool plant, cool site.

Ah! I wondered at the outage, so rare for you guys.
Hope you enjoyed your snow, I suspect it's gone to melt by now.

The snow will be around for at least a week, so a bit unusual for it to stick around that long (unusual at least for recent years). Temperatures are supposed to be at or below freezing for the next 5 days or so, and with the volume of snow, it'll take at least a couple days of above freezing temperatures to fully melt. I should have a couple BPotD photos of the snow later in the week, if opportunity permits.

Jonathan, that's exactly what I see whenever I look at this plant now - once that thought entered my mind, it became hard to perceive it any differently.

Hi, Daniel,

I'm glad that you are a snow-survivor! I had missed you online early this morning, and thought that it must be weather-related. Chilly here in Santa Barbara, CA, too - with lows tonight predicted in the upper 30's!

I'll be sending some more photos for you to review once we get into the new year. Best to you and all the staff at UBCBG!


Surprised you guys don't have mission-critical servers housed in an offsite datacenter. Glad to hear it wasn't too bad of an outage, power-wise.

Mike - that's much appreciated re: the photographs. I'll pass along your well-wishes to other staff here at UBC BG - best to Lotusland, as well!

Eric, no, we don't. Too expensive.

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