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Cedars Mill Trail, British Columbia

Cedars Mill Trail, British Columbia

If you were to walk ten steps forward from the exact spot this photograph was taken, you would look over the boulder-edged Lynn Creek of North Vancouver, British Columbia. Second-growth forest lines both sides of the creek, as lumber mills were active in the area during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Logging continued until 1929 when the area was recognized as a watershed.

Remnants of the logging operations line the trail, in the form of old, massive stumps and abandoned machinery. If memory serves correctly (this photograph was taken last June), very few wildflowers can be found along the length of the trail. This is typical – low-light conditions from the always-present conifer canopy prevent even seasonal wildflowers from establishing, unlike hardwood, deciduous forests. That's not to say that light is the only reason for fewer wildflowers in coniferous forests, but it certainly is a major factor.

Photography resource link: Images of Ireland from photographer Carsten Krieger. In particular, visit Outsight, Insight and Irrus.


What a cool, wonderful glen. What types of ferns are those that grow so tall and vigorously there?

I'm fairly certain they are Dryopteris expansa or spiny wood fern.

how would we be able to find this trail. we are visiting this summer and want some good ideas to do with kids....never been British Columbia!


I use a number of the local hiking / walking guides when looking for local area trails. Almost any bookstore in Vancouver will carry these in the local or regional section of books.

If you are hoping to plan your trip in advance, though, I can put a few of the books I use or know of on UBC Botanical Garden's Amazon store, if you like.

Hello everyone

I came across this forum awhile ago, and every evening, possible, I so enjoy to see what has been posted and look through old photos.

Such a richness it is, to be able to view some of these photos, some from far away and so unique.

Me, here in my living room, no longer young, but loving the land.

Thank you all and you especially Daniel.

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