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Rhododendron ririei

Rhododendron ririei
Rhododendron ririei

There are roughly one thousand species of Rhododedron in the world. Of these, nearly six hundred can be found in China. Just over four hundred can only be found in China (endemics); Rhododendron ririei is one of the these, native only to the southwestern portion of Sichuan.

Like Rhododendron moupinense, it is one of the earliest flowering rhododendrons locally.

The scientific description is available online from the Flora of China: Rhododendron ririei.

No resource link today – instead, I'll invite you to read the tributes and stories from some of the garden's researchers, staff and Friends of the Garden for the recently deceased Christopher Lloyd of Great Dixter: Christopher Lloyd (Christo) 1921-2006.


self poitrait in fractal ?

Rhododendron ririei - Z7 - RHS Index of Garden Plants, Griffiths

Yesterday: "As an aside, does anyone want to take a guess as to which genus in British Columbia has the most species? I have a suspicion that it'd be the same genus for most Canadian provinces and northern US states."

I'll guess Astragalus although I there are several Genera I am considering. I'm also not at all familiar with BC plant communities.

Don't leave us hanging Dan.

More outstanding photos of a beautiful plant -- the second photo reminds me somehow of rumpled bedclothes ... an unmade bed.

Also, thanks Daniel, for the link to the stroies about Christo Lloyd. I appreciated in particular two mentions of his cantakerous nature ... Quentin Cronk's memory of Christo's snapping at the two ladies who remarked about one of his plants, "What an ugly plant!" one of them said. Now, nothing irritated Mr. Lloyd more than the maligning of his favourite plants. From deep within the potting shed something stirred. A voice boomed out: "I'm sure the plant thinks the same about you, madam!"

In the next piece, Diane (member of the garden) recalls a statement Lloyd made at a lecture "It's such a dumpy little plant, it makes you want to kick it." That made me laugh our loud! Somehow reading those two recollections of Lloyd together ... makes me realize that the horticulturalist/author/botanist had the same human quirks and inconsistencies we all have. I love his books, as strange his ideas were occasionally. He was brilliant.

crass, I think I'll have to leave you hanging for at least another day - or maybe until I get an image of a plant from the genus. I'll see if I can find something this afternoon.

Peter A. Cox, THE LARGER RHODODENDRON SPECIES (Timber Press, 1990) says

"A very distinct species which always creates interest in early spring and stands out in garden or show. Some call it beautiful, others sombre. Although it takes some years to bloom freely, the flowers are produced over an extended period and are long lasting if frost is avoided. Personally, I like the unusual colour combined with the deep nectar pouches. Some forms grow very early but it is generally easy to please."

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